Winemakers of Cantine Scarfo'

Following their passion, Cesare Scarfo' and his wife Amy Bond work together in the steep terraced vineyards to produce a small amount of ansonaco wine.

Ansonica Grape Harvest

Winemakers of Cantine Scarfo'

Cesare Scarfo' and Amy Bond

A Story of Passion

Cantine Scarfo' is a small, family winery established by Cesare Scarfo' and his wife Amy Bond. Before moving to Giglio, Cesare visited the island on weekends and during summer vacations with his family where he fell in love with the vineyards, history, traditions and the hospitality of the locals. In his childhood, he became close friends with the winemakers of Giglio who would teach him about winemaking including including Biagio Stagno (known as Bugia), Domenico Centurioni (known as Ghego), Gioacchino Lubrani and Aldo Aldi.

These winemaking friends became mentors who would teach Cesare the traditions and practices of making wine on the island. Eager to begin, Cesare began planting the first vines at the small family farm in Montalcino where he made his first red wine with his family. Returning often to the island, Cesare became familiar with the wine cellars of the Castle and between glasses of Ansonaco, the old stories shared about the island, and the wonderful company, Cesare decided to join the island winemakers to continue the ancient tradition of making and sharing wine.

Side by Side

Cesare began studying engineering and architecture at the University of Rome but returned to the Island at every opportunity that presented itself. While studying in Rome, Cesare met Amy in a library. As soon as he finished with his studies at the university, Cesare moved to Giglio and started planting his first vineyard on the island. A few years later, Cesare and Amy found themselves living on the island, producing wine and working side by side in the vineyards.